Independence Day EP

by Kitchen Table, Illinois

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DON'T SAY YOU'RE SORRY (G. McElwain) What did I tell you? What did I say? Didn't we have this conversation yesterday? Tears wellin' up inside those puppy dog eyes I can see 'em comin' You say that I deserve to know the truth You keep trottin' it out It keeps gettin' longer in the tooth CHORUS: I don't know who you think you're foolin', dear But you ain't foolin' me You can cry those crocodile tears and beg on bended knee I been forgivin' and forgivin' you until my heart was sore Don't say you're sorry, I don't buy it anymore What did I tell you? When will you learn? I let you have your say now you give me a turn I think I've seen this same routine so many times I could recite it Don't understand how it keeps getting worse given every opportunity that you've had to rehearse CHORUS Least you could do's make an excuse that holds a thimbleful of water The devil might have whispered in your ear but he didn't twist your arm or unhook anyone's brassiere CHORUS
ELECTRIC CITY (R. Stark) I've been down every one of the streets in this town too many times, too many times If I could fight I could make me some money tonight with these hands of mine, with these hands of mine I've told lies and I've known some lying men but I swear to God I never lied to him He turned around, blew a hole in the solid ground electric city's got me down One hand fits where the other one don't One foot follows where the other one won't If there's a bad man driving the train won't stop but it'll pick me up I've been down to the dock at the edge of town just to ease my mind too many times If I was all right I could make me some money tonight but I can't decide, I can't decide Cause there's a task at hand down where all of those buildings stand built six feet wide and ten stories high I could see them all shot to shit with a wrecking ball in the dead of night, no one in sight
Now Yer Gone 01:29
NOW YER GONE (G. McElwain) If you'd 'a told me you were leaving I'd've understood I'd been cold to you; the talking to'd 'a done me good I wouldn't 'a tried to change yer mind not even if I could If you'd told me you were leaving Now yer gone If you'd 'a told me you were leaving I'd 'a packed yer things I wouldn't a wanted 'em around here once you spread your wings But now you're everywhere I look You gotta know that stings Wish you'd 'a told me you were leaving Now yer gone I'm haunted by the memory of your face even though I know that you are in a better place If you'd told me you were leaving I'd 'a let you go It's a woman's right to leave her man and tell him so But why you tried to sneak away no one will ever know If you'd told me you were leaving Wish you'd told me you were leaving Should have told me you were leaving Now yer gone
Prickly Pear 02:02
PRICKLY PEAR (C. Loughridge)
TAKE BACK YOUR NAME (G. McElwain) You can keep the ring I left it on the table You can keep the table, by the way, that's fine You can open any mail addressed to both of us Take back your name It looks awful next to mine You can keep the sheets we slept on if you want them and that undershirt that I liked sleeping in I am getting the tattoo removed this afternoon Take back your name It feels awful on my skin Keep my cigarettes 'cause I could use breather I know I said some awful things but I'm not taking those back either You can keep the memories we made together of the times we had before this thing went south You can keep the promises we made with someone else Take back your name It tastes awful in my mouth You can keep the ring and when you take the ring back then take back your name I won't be needing it again


Our modest debut recording, featuring several songs written by our friends.


released September 25, 2009

Gabe McElwain - guitar and singing
Becky Stark - mandolin and singing

Danny O'Brien - banjo (1, 2, 4) and singing (1)

Recorded by Gabe and Becky in a coach house on S. Loomis St. in Chicago, IL on July 4, 2009.
Mixed and Mastered by Mr. Travis Carter at Breakfast Nook Studios


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Kitchen Table, Illinois Chicago, Illinois

Some of Kitchen Table, Illinois' favorite United States of America include Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin, California, Oregon, and Idaho.

Some of our favorite geographical features include freshwater islands, brownlands, steep grades, ravines, tunnels, and horizons.

Some of our favorite emotions include love, heartbreak, and anger.

We write songs about all of the above and more.
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