All Saints' Day EP

by Kitchen Table, Illinois

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These songs were recorded at Breakfast Nook Studios in 2009 and 2010, if I'm not mistaken.


released April 9, 2010

Kitchen Table, Illinois is:
Gabe McElwain & Becky Stark

Joined on this recording by:
Danny O'Brien - banjo & vocals on tracks 1-4, 6

Recorded by:
Travis Carter

Mixed by:
Travis, Gabe, and Becky

Mastered by:
Michael Ubaldi



all rights reserved



Kitchen Table, Illinois Chicago, Illinois

Some of Kitchen Table, Illinois' favorite United States of America include Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin, California, Oregon, and Idaho.

Some of our favorite geographical features include freshwater islands, brownlands, steep grades, ravines, tunnels, and horizons.

Some of our favorite emotions include love, heartbreak, and anger.

We write songs about all of the above and more.
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Track Name: A Man Has Needs
(G. McElwain)

A man has needs
He needs to feel
sun on his neck and leather at his heel

A man has needs
He needs to smell
some sweat and dirt before a job's done well

He might be proud
He might not mention it out loud
He might deny it but when push comes to shove
A man has needs
He needs your love

A man has needs
He needs to see
that you're provided for financially

A man has needs
He needs to hear
that you respect his work so make that clear

He doesn't need his every whim obeyed
He doesn't need his trousers tailor-made
A man can fight and tie a knot and ply a trade
He's not afraid to open doors for ladies

A man has needs
He needs to know
you're coming back to him each time you go

A man has needs
He needs to taste
your lips and wrap his arms around your waist
Track Name: Molly
(R. Stark)

Get your boots on we're going to Tucson
Gonna join a rock and roll band
Gonna drive all night down the highway built in the sand
Open window, occatillo and the scent of the ocean still in my hair
Gonna drive all night through the cold dark dry desert air

San Diego, California down through Yuma, Arizona
You can feel that sun, by golly
Onalaska, go Dakota, I'm writing you from Minneosta
To dedicate this song to Molly

Get you hat on, we're going back on
the red eye red blood express
Gonna wind our way through the silver high wilderness
Stormy weather, we're together
and the sound of the mountains still in my ears
Gonna drive all night through the salty slick summer tears
Track Name: I Only Had Eyes For You
(G. McElwain)

Today it's ten
lonely weeks and change
since I watched that taxi
have its way
with you

Remember when
it wrestled you inside
and punched me in the face?
and I waved goodbye?

I watched you disappear as if
my eyes were going bad
And I gave that last look everything I had
What can I do?
I only had eyes for you

Wish I could say
I held my head up high
and took it like a man
but I can't lie

It didn't go that way
I cried my sockets raw
You were the last
sight I ever saw
Track Name: California II
(R. Stark)

You went down to Mexico, I'll be here when you get back to California
And I wonder if you know that I'll be here when you get back, I wonder if they warned you
You like women and fast cars, drinking whiskey, smoke cigars out on your own
And you been on the road so long that when I ask you where you're from it don't sound like home

Don't you know that I don't fly no clay kites
I'm cold as stone and drowning in your headlights
Barstow, Arco, Sholow,
I know you meant a lot to me before
But I don't want to see you any more

You got on the road tonight just about two hours behind and kept your lights low
And the stars were shining down, cast their will upon the ground and light the snow
You like whiskey and fast cars, drinking coffee, smoke cigars to keep you warm
I can't help wondering if I'm waiting for the sun to rise or riding out the storm

Don't you know that I don't fly no clay kites
I'm cold as stone and drowning in your headlights
Barstow, Arco, Sholow,
I know you meant a lot to me before
But I don't want to see you any more
Flagstaff, Carlsbad, Moab
I know you meant a lot to me before
But I don't want to see you any more
Track Name: Gold Medal Flour
(R. Stark)

The truck is packed up and the books are in boxes
You hop in the cab and put the thing into gear
You're going to leave town with the things you rolled in with
but the things you collected are staying right here

They say far from the shore there's a sea of forgiven
who keep you afloat with their hands to the sky
And you try to forget them, you try and you fail
And it's Gold Medal Flour and heavyweight rail

Don't let your love hold on to me
keeping me close to you
Let me go far away
like I was born to do
And I got this boat, now I got to go

When I was young I made all kinds of choices
Some I remember and some I regret
But since I met you I don't regret nothing
Nothing I've done since the day that we met

They say far from the shore there's a sea of believers
who'll eat up your hopes and they'll spit out your lies
And its all there before you, so how can you fail?
And it's Gold Medal Flour and heavyweight rails
Track Name: Sassafras
(G. McElwain)

I've lived here all my life but it seems longer
This town's so small a man can't lie down flat
I tried to stretch my legs when I was younger
but there weren't no gettin' away and that was that

Oh, they've got trains on the tressel
Ships on the river
Trucks on the overpass
Ain't no station, ain't no pier
Ain't no ramps up out of here
You're stuck for good once you set foot in Sassafras

They fenced stearns quarry off with razor wire
Throop bridge went out and won't be coming back
Each street's a string of dead ends since the fire
Even the smoke don't get much further than the stack

World-famous once upon a time for making something
It's been so long no one remembers how or why
The stores are shuttered and the factories are crumbling
It's just empty pockets and houses and prayers to an empty sky

The water in the South Fork used to wander
Now it's a swamp too sick to ebb or flow
They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder
But I'll have to take their word for that 'cause I'll never know

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