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Walleye 03:03
WALLEYE (B. Stark, R. Stark, G. McElwain) Well, folks are awful fancy out in New York City. They drink champagne and race their yachts along Long Island Sound. The ladies wear designer clothes and gosh, do they look pretty! And they all think that flounder is the finest fish around. The snow on the Sierras melts and water fills Lake Tahoe. This alpine gem is nestled in the mountains, cold and clean. When skiers come in off the slopes and sit down to their suppers, the fish du jour is lake trout—it’s the western haute cuisine. CHORUS: But there ain’t no lake like Huron with its waters so sparkling and blue. And there ain’t another fish like the walleye, honey, and there ain’t another girl like you. Well, they say the salmon’s super in Seattle, and that the crayfish in New Orleans takes the cake. And I hear the bass are biting down in Turnbull, Alabama. Ah, but there is only one fish I prefer to steam, or boil, or bake. I have baited hooks for cichlids out of Tanganyika, been eye to eye with sturgeons they pulled out of Lake Baikal; I’ve climbed down into Devil’s Hole and faced the mighty pupfish, but in my opinion walleye is the greatest fish of all. CHORUS
AU SABLE COUNTRY (B. Stark) CHORUS: Au Sable country seems to call me back home and the moonlight on the highway won’t leave me alone As she rolls through the evening to that Lake Huron shore She calls me back beside her just like it was before Well, I’ve been wandering ‘round this country for too long a time and I’ve begged and I’ve pleaded just to raise me a dime so that I could hop a Greyhound back to where the pines grow free and a smile is in the sunshine and a song’s in every tree CHORUS Well a man just can’t be happy if he don’t know his own mind But the answers to some questions there are mighty hard to find Still I’m gonna think it over ‘cause I gotta know for sure I got a feeling I won’t be leaving Au Sable country anymore CHORUS
Highway 34 02:18
HIGHWAY 34 (B. Stark) Soon it will be winter and the cold winds they will blow bringing back old memories of I know when and you won’t be going with me down that lonesome road and I guess that I’ll be on my own again Well, I packed up all my things into the back seat of my Ford I and I guess I’ll take me downtown, get some gas Then I’ll turn myself around and head for Highway 34 Pretty soon I’ll be on 80 going west Well, a long, long time ago you said you’d love me ‘til the end but I guess those kinds of things can never last And now you’ll be going your way and I’ll be going mine and hope that things will work out for the best Soon it will be winter and the cold winds they will blow sending showers of shivers to the sea and you won’t be going with me down that lonesome road but I doubt if it’ll be the end of me
Saginaw 03:55
SAGINAW (B. Stark) I come from a place that they call Saginaw. It’s a middle-sized city built across a muddy river that flows patiently on down to Saginaw Bay. I was an all-star there in high school once. I guess everybody thought I’d go away somewhere and do something to make them all proud of me one day. CHORUS: But I kept on going away kept on moving it out. Things got stranger day by day. Now what in the world is it all about, anyway? My dad was a sort of a saint in Saginaw. He lived his whole lifetime there, I guess he found something that made it worth the stayin’. My brother once told me something ‘bout Saginaw. He said, “This place ain’t much, but it’s your roots, for what it’s worth.” That’s sure the truth. CHORUS
I HOPE I GET A TRUCK BEFORE I DIE (B. Stark, R. Stark, G. McElwain) I grew up in a Studebaker family Had a fifty-three, a fifty-five, a sixty-three Well, they looked like rockets with that bullet nose Had to turn the wipers on to play the radio CHORUS: I love the big engine and the four-wheel-drive Sitting up in the cab, oh my, oh my I’m a hick from the sticks and that is why I hope I get a truck before I die Had a’58 Bel Aire, brought it home brand new And it smelled like a dream in metallic blue Had a ’56 Pontiac, could really fly With the three on the tree, kiss the clutch goodbye CHORUS Gotta get me a truck and I got a plan Gonna trade in the station wagon, sell the van ‘Cause a car is just some wheels stuck on an old tin can But the truck is the machine that really makes the man CHORUS


This is an Extended Play recording of songs written by Becky's father, Ben Stark. This recording was made on March 12th and 13th, 2012, in Chicago, Illinois.


released March 25, 2014

HURON was produced, engineered, and mixed by our friend Mr.
Brian Knapp of Madison, Wisconsin. It was mastered by our friend Mr. Conor Loughridge of Berkeley, California.

Gabe McElwain: guitar, singing (4), background singing, percussion, flute, claps
Becky Stark: mandolin, singing (1, 2, 3), claps

Ben Stark: banjo, guitar, background singing, claps
Brian Knapp: singing (5), upright bass, background singing, claps
Sarah Stark: background singing
Carol Stark: background singing
Megan McElwain: background singing


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Kitchen Table, Illinois Chicago, Illinois

Some of Kitchen Table, Illinois' favorite United States of America include Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin, California, Oregon, and Idaho.

Some of our favorite geographical features include freshwater islands, brownlands, steep grades, ravines, tunnels, and horizons.

Some of our favorite emotions include love, heartbreak, and anger.

We write songs about all of the above and more.
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