West 67th Street EP

by Kitchen Table, Illinois

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These songs were recorded live* April 24-25, 2010 on West 67th Street in Cleveland, Ohio.

*We overdubbed Danny's organ and vocals on track 2.


released December 23, 2010

Kitchen Table, Illinois is:
Gabe McElwain & Becky Stark

Joined on this recording by:
Sam Gmetro: drums
John McElwain: bass
Danny O'Brien: banjo, accordion, organ, singing

Produced, Engineered, Mixed, and Mastered by:
Michael Ubaldi


all rights reserved



Kitchen Table, Illinois Chicago, Illinois

Some of Kitchen Table, Illinois' favorite United States of America include Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin, California, Oregon, and Idaho.

Some of our favorite geographical features include freshwater islands, brownlands, steep grades, ravines, tunnels, and horizons.

Some of our favorite emotions include love, heartbreak, and anger.

We write songs about all of the above and more.
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Track Name: Don't Come Back
(G. McElwain)

We brought you in and gave you what we had.
It wasn't much, and now it's even less.
When you dug in you must have noticed that
our knives are sharp enough to make a mess.

God knows you had your chance while you were here.
You made your choice, considered and profound.
Don't spare a backward glance, just disappear.
Don't make me have to put you in the ground.

Don't come back.
Don't you dare
show your face around here.
If you set foot in this town,
I promise I will put you down.

I have (now that you gave me an excuse)
trained bullets that will find you in a crowd.
I'll load those suckers up and let 'em loose
if I so much as hear your name aloud.


My bed was soft enough for you last night.
If you leave now, you'd best keep out of sight.

If I were you, I'd find someplace to hide.
Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.
So, if i were to send you there, then I'd
be doing you a favor. You've been warned.

Track Name: Get Over Here (And Get Some Of That Lipstick On Me)
(G. McElwain)

Didn't want to smudge it
Didn't want to smear it
Wouldn't let me touch it
Wouldn't let me near it

But you only wear it
Once or twice a year
Get over here
And get some of that lipstick on me

Everyone was lookin'
Everyone was starin'
Smelled what you're cookin'
Saw what you're wearin'


It's not the taste
It's not the color
or the mess it leaves behind
It's I've been watching you all night
and I can't get you off my mind

I just shaved my stubble
but you really aced it
Went to all that trouble
It'd be a shame to waste it

Track Name: Stark & Mackey Industrial Arts
(G. McElwain/R. Stark)

If your bathtub is leaking
If your floorboards are squeaking
If your bicycle chain's rusted through
If you dented your fender
If you chewed up your blender
Bring it by we'll see what we can do

If your drive belt is slipping
If your faucet is dripping
If your muffler's tied up with some string
If your toilet is clogged up
If your skylight is fogged up
We can fix just about anything

We've got the name
We've got the know-how
Stark and Mackey Industrial Arts
We can loosen that nut
We can weld that crack shut
We fix everything but broken hearts

If the bank took your house
or the Lord took your spouse
Cut her down in the flow'r of her youth
That's a shame but we're sorry to say
Feelings ain't our forte
here to tell you the truth

If your dog ran away
If you can't face the day
'cause you weren't hugged enough as a kid
If you're dealing with issues
we got boxes of tissues
but we don't want to quote you a bid


We can't stop up your tears
and believe me, we would if we could
We would solder and rivet and braze those ducts shut
if we thought it would do any good

We stock seventy-five thousand parts
Track Name: The Eights Song
(R. Stark)

John, Georgette and Peter, Annabelle and Sue
And Mack and me and you
It was winter, but I can't recall the date
At Sue and Peter's, back in 1948

You can tell the lights were low, the smoke was thick
I turned to look at you, the camera clicked
Our exile in the south was at an end
And you were happy to return to Michigan

But in that coming year
We hoped that luck would find us
Honor and beauty and blessing from above
And that the sum of our love would be greater than the struggle
The difference between us not greater than our love

We shored our faith at the beginning of each day
And we drank and danced as long as we could pay
I would have never believed if I'd been told
How quickly time would pass as I grew old

Track Name: Come Back To Bed
(G. McElwain)

Since you left me i haven't been sleeping.
I haven't slept a wink.
I know i took it hard. Darn near tore me apart
when you left, but this ain't what you think.

Now, you did what you did. You don't have to
apologize to me.
I admit, I've been lonely. But i'm not the only
one you left behind. Don't you see?

I'm doing fine now, but the bed is broken-hearted.
He can't believe you're never coming back.
He keeps me up all night a-tossin' and a-turnin'.
I tell you, I ain't never seen a sadder sack

Don't you know he won't let me roll over
out of respect for you.
Says he's saving your place,
so i don't get much space.
He's got both pillows over there, too!

Well, he figures you've got to sleep somewhere,
and hates to think that you're
resting your sugar beets
between some strangers' sheets.
He can't go on like this anymore.

I'm doing fine now but the bed is broken-hearted.
His dignity is hanging by a thread.
If you can find it in your mercy to forgive me,
it'd mean the world to him if you'd come back to bed.

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